Amanda Nelson Mandel, Psy.D.
Amanda Nelson Mandel, Psy.D.
Neuropsychological Consultation & Assessment




My work with your child and family starts with an initial parent consultation session. This is a face-to-face meeting with me, during which time I assess your child’s situation and needs to determine the best path moving forward. I can offer guidance and recommendations for appropriate next steps. I can also review previous evaluations, school reports, and other background materials, and speak with school and outside providers when appropriate.  

Neuropsychological Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive test that provides detailed insight into your child’s learning style, strengths, and weaknessesas well as behaviors and emotions. It helps parents, teachers, and other professionals understand your child’s inherent strengths and challenges in terms of meeting academic, developmental, and social-emotional demands.

The evaluation includes clear, actionable recommendations within an overarching plan designed to help your child thrive. I can also give specific referrals to skilled, trustworthy professionals including learning specialists, tutors, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, executive functioning coaches, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and neurologists. I have spent many years working with public, independent, and special needs schools in the New York City area and can make thoughtful, informed recommendations regarding school placement, and/or refer you to an excellent educational consultant to work with your child and family.

Each evaluation is tailored to the needs of the individual child, but may include formal assessment of the following areas:

General intellectual abilities

Academic skills

Attention and executive functioning

Learning and memory


Visual-motor abilities


Social and emotional development

Ongoing Guidance and Support

I take pride in building warm, trusting, long-term relationships with families, and can provide ongoing support as your child grows. If appropriate, I can work with you following the evaluation to develop a plan to provide tailored, individualized ongoing support and guidance. This allows me to be certain that recommendations are implemented, progress is closely monitored, and to determine if re-evaluation is required. I am able to work closely with your family and your child’s support network to ensure interventions, professionals, and the educational environment are matched with your child’s unique needs.